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Miles Rocks !!!  What else do you need to know?  Ok....Miles and James are the sons of Ray Manapat and Nirvana Filoramo.  Miles was born on January 4th, 2003 and James was born April 29th 2007 and they both Rock !!!

What's New

10/16/08: Come check out the new sub-domain…all new updates will happen here at .  I’m still slowly working on it but it will be where all future web updates will happen…check it out !!!!  It is powered by Joomla as you can tell since I haven’t had a chance yet to change the banner to a family pic…

9/07/08: Trying out Picasa so check out the web albums that I have been posting here.  Picasa Web Albums.

9/03/08: Wow I haven’t been too good updating the page.  Anyway my PC crashed but we had most things backed up but now I’m trying new software so here is my 1st web album using Picasa from the Google Empire.  Album 08.

9/8/07:  Wow what a summer it has been.  James joined the family at the end of April and since then I haven't had a change to update this page until just now.  James arrival pushed out Nirvana's Ph.D. defense date until June.  That day has since come and gone and now she is officially Dr. Nirvana Filoramo getting her Doctorate of Philosophy from UConn. Nirvana still works as a lab coordinator for Clark University but I know she is actively looking for faculty positions in New England.  Rock on I say...when she get tenured and famous I can chill out and Mtn Bike every day.   I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Until then I'm still working for graphics devision of AMD (aka the former ATI) working on next generation graphics ASICs Radeons and the graphics chips found in game consoles.  Still biking though only once a week this summer all the time in Nam.  Miles is doing excelent.  He started in the kindergarden class in his pre-school and he really likes it.  James is doing well too and he continues to grow and do cool things every day.  He doesn't have the same big head me and Miles have though...25% head circumference, 75% weight, 90% lengths from a recent doctors apointment.  This just points out to me how huge baby heads typically are since he looks well proportioned but that doesn't stop us from calling his a pinhead.  Anyway enjoy this updated gallery of James from over the summer.  I promise that new galleries are on the way with the whole family and what we have been doing.  Oh and we also got 2 new kittens Pumkin and Ginger.

11/12/06: Now you can email us and leave messages for all to see in the Guestbook.  Also added some pics from this summer.  Brian and Hope's, Eric and Liz's, and Mike and Lauren's weddings.  Some pics of us in the beach and a day of birthday parties.

11/10/06: Wow I'm a slacker !!!  Miles is doing well and we are now expecting another one!  My parents are also going to be moving up soon to spend time with Miles and the future sibling.  On other news my company ATI was bought my AMD so now I'm a AMD guy but nothing else has really changed at work.  Life is still work, ride, hang with Miles and's all good.  Nirvana is also trying to finish up her PHD with UConn as she works as a lab coordinator in Clark University.  I've got a lot of pictures to post but for now here are 2 recent galleries for your enjoyment.  Halloween 06 and NH 06.  Hopefully it wont' take me another year to update this page.

9/15/2005: What is up everyone !!!  Yeah we've been too busy living summer so I haven't updated Miles' page in a while but here is a big UPDATE.  Follow the links of the update page to get to the pictures of summer fun.

5/09/2005: Yes I have been lazy and have not updated Miles' webpage for a long time but the wait is over !!!!!!! Here are a bunch of updates that cover a snow storm, cabin fever, the start of spring 2005, fun in a orange shirt, and a may day egg hunt.  Gotta take more pictures !!!!!  We were over at Chris and Angela's house and didn't take 1 picture and lots of peeps where there.  We'll be prepared next time.  We're going to D.C. later this month so we'll bring back some cool shots as Miles takes Washington.  Otherwise biking season is back and I need to work the rust off.  I drew 1st blood last Thursday at Vietnam with a scrape on my knee.  I would have had a picture to add but Nathaniel's camera didn't have a memory card in it.  I also fixed up my old bike and bought Miles a bike trailer so Nirvana and I can ride on the bike path with Miles.  He likes it a lot and although it has been a little rainy recently I think it will be awesome in the next couple of weeks.  

1/06/2005: Happy New Year !!!  Check out how Miles spent Halloween, Xmas, and his 2nd Birthday.

10/30/04: Halloween is upon us.  Miles is going to be a Massachusetts's Liberal apparently that is the worst kind.  Anyway check out the gallery updates.  I've added a random Miles link as well as some birthday party links.  All kid's parties...  There was a non-kid party worthy of mention that is Miles related.  At the UConn EEB Departmental Hawaiian Barn Dance Miles got a little too close to a Koi pond and took a dip.  He swam with the fishes for a couple of seconds.  Needless to say that was quite the sight.   

So we've finally "finished" our stairwell and hallway.  I've still got some stuff to do like put down some quarter-round and cleanup some of the trim but the walls have been sanded and painted.  Since the last update we've gone to the 50th Newport Jazz Festival.  Miles loved the Jazz fest and he danced and played with some other kids that were there.  I should have taken him to Ozzfest too.  We haven't been as good with the camera recently so the new gallery for this update is more of a set of random pictures from the last month or so.  Naomi is visiting this Labor Day weekend and Miles has had a lot of fun with his Aunt Omi.  I'm sure he'll add this to his conversation catalog along with talking about balls, trucks, and the playground.  Oh we also went to the Rutland Chowder Fest which was fun.  I have to say I didn't sample the chowder from Friendly's.

7/18/2004: Wow what a fun summer it has been already.  We've been up camping in NH and Cape Cod since the last update.  We hit Franconia in late June and Miles got to check out the White Mountains it was good that he liked camping since we went out the Cape Cod for a week just a couple of weeks later.  In between the camping trips we had a BBQ on 6/3 which was lots of fun then Nirvana sent me and MG to Ozzfest for my birthday and that show rocked.  Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, and Dimmu Borgir (they came from Norway to kick our a**) how could that not rock.  The next day we went to Rick's wedding in Boston and then the day after that we went to the Cape and now were back.  Anyway check out the pics from the camping trips and Rick's Wedding.

6/20/2004: Hey all Happy Father's Day.  Here's a big update that includes Mile's Road Trip to NJ/PA; how exotic.  As well as Ariel and Thomas's wedding.  Sorry if we haven't been in touch we've been very busy re-doing our stairwell and hallway walls....Raymond Manapat 

5/26/2004: The spring/summer fun is just starting.  Miles got a haircut at my barbers to get ready for a big weekend and he also got a chance to watch some TV with Elise and Clarisse.  We don't let him watch much TV at home so he totally zombied out when he got a chance to watch it at Clarisse's house.

5/18/2004:  Added the Easter Egg Hunt and pics from Miles birthday party from January.  Went riding at Vietnam in Milford MA today after work.  That place rocks.  Almost as much as Miles.

5/13/2004: Well I finally got some more webspace and attached Miles' domain to it.  With a little luck the updates will be more frequent than the 9 month gap since the last time I updated Miles' webpage.  As for Miles he can walk and often find himself in the situation to say oh-oh.  He also enjoys to dance to rock or reggae and occasionally a little beat box.  You should see  him do the robot.  Anyway I've put up 4 new galleries for now and I have more to add so check back soon...


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